transparency from catch to plate

the consumer information for better marine conservation

global traceability against IUU

where does the fish come from

seeFish aims at better marine conservation through the promotion of a seamless transparency in the seafood supply chain.

An increasing consumer demand for transparency in fish catch and trade is supported by seeFish. See the sea on every package fresh and frozen fish available in the supermarket shelf by partners supporting seeFish..

<pEconomic, global monitoring technology to see the sea

Monitoring of local and global fish catch and fish carrier traffic for more transparency in seafood supply chain. You have customers with high quality and traceability expectations? Contact seeFish for more information.

seeFish provides services and technologies for seamless seafood traceability from catch to plate.

We are the experts for transparency of fish goods from catch to harbor. With satellite technology and advanced data analytics we offer fish traders, fish processors, governments, retailers and - most important - consumers a reliable, fast and cost efficient validation of information about the origin of fish catch.
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